Helena Youth Soccer Association

Referee Certification Courses

On-line training & Field Work Sessiions

On-line course work for referees opens in early January...

Register to take the certification course as a new referee or sign in to renew at US Soccer

Choose the appropriate course with background check, SafeSport Modules and testing.

For referees with 3 years or less experience, the classroom and field training session dates will be announced.

The fee is paid on-line at registration.

Depending on their experience level, participants may need to:

- complete the on-line course the Thursday before they come to the classroom session
- attend the entire classroom session
- attend the field session when the weather allows use of a dry flat space outside, probably in late March.

Classroom / Fieldwork participants should bring a lunch, snack, drinks. 

Location of classes to be determined and will be announced.

Enroll now and get to work on the latest on-line modules !