Helena Youth Soccer Association

Referees Needed

In-person clinics in Helena are scheduled for March 4 & 18

Interested In Becoming a Soccer Referee ?

As the spring season approaches, new referees are invited to complete training and to join the referee pool.

The Helena area is fortunate to have an excellent pool of experienced referees who are willing to mentor and answer questions.

Certified referees can work at Montana Youth Soccer Association matches as well as the HYSL/Rec league matches on Sundays.

Complete information of the process can be found here:


The above page has all the information needed for new referees to get started.

Note that:

Prospective new referees need to know they cannot register for a particular in-person clinic UNTIL THEY COMPLETE the online coursework in OMS (Official Management System) and the US Soccer Learning Center. 

Once completed, selecting a in-person clinic will appear on their OMS dashboard.

The Learning Center is only used to take the Grassroots Online certificate, SafeSport, and the Safe and Healthy Playing Environment modules.

New referees are required to attend a 4-hour in-person field session after completing the online coursework.

The in-person clinics in Helena are scheduled for March 4 & 18 as listed on the website page above.  Attendance at one of the sessions is required for certification.

So start the on-line training and on-line safety clinics as soon as possible and then sign up for the in-person classes.

Let us know if you need help with the process,

Randy Rake

Keith Noem

Helena Assignors