Helena Youth Soccer Association

Walking Soccer is Here !

Walking Soccer is Here !


Helena Youth Soccer Association, the leader in soccer development for all ages is offering a new program this Spring; Walking Soccer

The beautiful game, just slowed down. Walking soccer levels the playing field by eliminating running. The pace of the players may be slower but the competition is still fierce. The game has taken Europe, been seen being played in Denver, and there are leagues, clinics, a great fun time.

The game is just what it says walking soccer, no running, anyone can play, great exercise.

Games will be played out at the HYSA-Siebel Soccer Complex. Games will be played during the day before youth team practices take the fields.

“We are starting off offering to our older community members” says Executive Director Phil McGovern, “but the game can be great for families, the over 30 crowd who have a few old knee injuries but still love soccer, anyone can play walking soccer.”

Sign up here to be on the interest list. Check out our website www.helenasoccer.org in the upcoming months. The plan is to offer clinic/practice games mid-April and get an over 50 league started, depending on the ages of those interested. Send your email today.