Helena Youth Soccer Association

Siebel Soccer Complex Field Conditions

Fields are currently: OPEN

Always, when fields are open:

  • When fields are wet, please be kind to the turf
  • Avoid repetitive drills in the same areas of the field
  • Avoid painted lines for training and drills
  • Avoid overuse of goal areas
  • Be certain goal weights/anchors are secured
  • NO dogs on the complex

Thunderstorms & Lightning

Please, head for indoors when thunder roars, and indoors is NOT under the concession awning. Go to vehicles.

We use the Weatherbug app to check the lightning warning on my cell phone and a handheld strike meter when staff is there on practice days, and we always have coverage for game days. When lightning is within 6 miles, we start clearing fields; sometimes, lightning can stay out on the mountains, but it can also travel quickly over a 10-mile span.

If a member of HYSA staff is on-site, we will blow an air horn to clear fields. But if you follow the suggestion to use Weatherbug, your team is probably already headed off the fields.

Please use care in decisions, and clear the fields for our kiddos' sake; if a team clears their field probably best to follow suit. 


Fields are marked by signs in the nets of goals. The field map is below.

Teams / Referee Area:

  • Marked by signs and located by trashcans on the field

Spectators Area:

  • the opposite side of the field from the Teams / Referee Area
  • spectators are not permitted in the Teams / Referee Area